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  • Phone System: A.i. 24 Hour Virtual Assistant helps answer the phone and responds to text messages (like Alexa or Siri)
  • Ringless Voicemail: Leaves a voicemail on customer phone without the phone ringing
  • Texting System: 2-way system with templates and a website text widget
  • Email System: Intelligent system to communicate faster via templates
  • Free Photo Estimate Tool: Includes guided discovery to collect high-resolution images
  • Agent Referral Portal: 8-second agents can refer clients to you
  • Dealership Referral Portal:​ Service drive tool to instantly refer work
  • Fleet Work Portal
  • Self-Serve Estimate Calendar
  • Sell My Estimate Program: Features include influencer videos, automated follow-up, 
  • Doc-E sign:  The ability to sign Forms & Authorizations & book repairs
  • Automate Repair Updates
  • Post Repair Marketing
  • Intelligent Review Collection: Collects good reviews from Google, Yelp and Facebook
  • Integrations with CCC, Audatex, Mitchell, ProfitNet, nexsyis and Summit
  • Assignment Auto Contact: AI that will make first contact within 10 minutes of receiving a new assignment

 Predictions and Strategies : Industry Experts on how to deal with impact of COVID 19 on your business and customers

Mike Anderson

Interview overview: The current vibe on the street and what shops are doing.

Tim Murphy (Financial impact to shops)

Interview overview: Tim is the financial advisor to the gurus of the business world. As a close friend of Mike Anderson, of Collision Advice, he shares practical advice to help Auto Body Shops and their staff to weather the effect that the Coronavirus will have on business. 

Silvia Christmann

Interview overview: The Customer, OEM, and Insurance Companies overnight are demanding shops deal with accidents virtually. Silvia will cover ways to quickly adapt.

George Avery (Former Head Claims for State Farm)

Interview overview: What the reaction of insurance companies will be how to prepare for this disrupting time./

George & Eric  (Toyota)

Interview overview: George and Eric share the OEM's early stage plans to handle parts and possible business interruption.

Michael Giarrizzo (DCR Collision)

Interview Notes: What shops can do during the pandemic, insights on what we expect 

Paul Webb (Behavioral Scientist)

Interview Notes: As a behavioral scientist with a masters in Neuro Linguistic Patterns he shares how people are reacting to Covid 19, and what leaders, should do with staff and clients.

Tina & Nick (Phoenix Solutions Group)

Interview Notes: Reaching customer and securing work from your market place during Covid19 

David Luehr (Mind set for Covid19)

Interview overview: Dave is sharing his thoughts on how to keep the right outlook during this pandemic. 

Matt McDonnel (Shop Owner)

Interview Notes: What his shops are doing to prepare for now and the next 6 months

Elizabeth Stein (Assured Performance Network)

Interview Notes: How people are reacting to Covid 19, What leaders, should do with staff and customers

Ryan Hampton (MSO in USA and England)

Interview Notes: What his shops are doing to prepare for now and the next 6 months

Thomas Gray (Insurance Claims Bureau)

Interview Notes: Advise to shops and insurance companies on dealing with coronavirus 

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